Employers increasingly explore paying employees on-demand

Ask a roomful of small-business owners their thoughts on paying employees on the same day that they work — instead of waiting until the end of a pay period — and you’re likely to receive a few raised eyebrows.

That’s because this is not how workers are paid, right? They get paid every one or two weeks, right? But traditional payroll is changing. Now, many employers are offering workers — particularly hourly employees — a portion of their wages on the day they work.

“The bi-weekly pay cycle is a relic of a technologically limited era, when employers had to rely on outdated technology and batch processing that forced them to implement these fixed cycles,” said Seth Ross, the general manager of Dayforce Wallet, a same-day pay service offered by human resource firm Ceridian. “With modern advances in technology, people today can access anything they desire on-demand, from streaming entertainment

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