Square Aims To Change Small Business Banking

In everyday terms, a decade is only 3,650 days. You may not look all that different today than you did in 2011, save a few wrinkles, some gray hairs, and oh, maybe 15 pounds of pandemic-induced stress eating.

But at the intersection of technology and financial services, the landscape of 2021 looks nothing like what we saw a decade ago.

Companies don’t look the same, either.

The evolution of platform economies, the app-driven culture that has swept all of us along, the “everything as a service” mindset has changed the way we live and work and how we run the businesses that serve the economy at large.

In an interview with PYMNTS CEO Karen Webster, Christina Riechers, Square Banking’s head of product, said the latest suite of financial products for small businesses, Square Banking, can fill a “gap” in business banking that has bedeviled smaller firms for a

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