Hoarding billions in stimulus dollars leaves small businesses behind | Opinion

 By Donna Bullock and Danilo Burgos

In case you missed it: Republicans who control the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and Senate went home for the summer after passing a budget that hid away billions of dollars in stimulus money instead of using it for what it was meant for: helping workers and businesses.

We all know restaurants, bars and social clubs were hit hard by COVID-19. These businesses couldn’t move to remote operation when the virus hit, and their impact on our communities is much, much larger than their annual revenues.

If you ask the men and women struggling to keep the doors of their family business open, they’ll tell you they’re weathering the worst storm they’ve ever seen – and they need help now.

– Donna Bullock and Danilo Burgos

These are the mom-and-pop operations that not only create the jobs, but also sponsor the Little League team, allow

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