Two Marketing-Relevant Trends That are Shaping the Future of China Today

China is home to more consumers than any other country, and the gap to second place is increasing rapidly. That has many companies from elsewhere interested in finding ways of breaking into a market that can no longer be ignored.

Naturally enough, succeeding in China as a business from another country is often more difficult than might be hoped. A few clues as to how to conduct effective digital marketing in china, however, are starting to point the way to newcomers.

A Vast Economy That is Still in the Midst of Tremendous Upheaval

The Chinese success story of the last four decades is entirely without parallel in human history. Rapid economic development has lifted hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens out of severe poverty, and the country is still making plenty of progress.

While China makes for a mature market with regard to the opportunities that are to be found within it, it is also a place where a huge amount of ongoing change must be accounted for, as well. Some of the issues that successful digital marketers most often grapple with when setting their sights on China include:

  • Urbanization. Not so long ago, the vast majority of China’s citizens lived in relatively rural areas. For decades now, however, farmers have been trading their plowshares for tools better suited to urban living. Every year, many millions of Chinese people leave behind rural homelands to seek their fortunes in cities. With the overall level of Chinese urbanization expected to reach 70 percent before long, marketers must be able to connect with newly arrived metropolitan residents from all across China’s vast interior.
  • Aging. For many years, China maintained a strict policy allotting a single child to each married couple. Although that law has since been relaxed, China’s population will be feeling the related pressure for a long time to come. With life expectancies also stretching longer than in the past, China, like many other countries, faces a future where its residents will be significantly older, on average, than in the past.

Plenty of Informed Help is Available

Accounting for issues like these proves key to many China-focused marketing initiatives today. Fortunately, there are experts who understand China and its people in ways that can be applied directly to marketing efforts.